Sunday Heroes Platinum And Below #2


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Welcome to the Sunday Heroes Platinum And Below #2

This tournament is an event especially for the lower league players that still want to show their skills on stream. Currently, there is no prize other than honor and glory, but we may consider a coaching prize for the future. Everyone throughout all regions, who is Platinum league or lower in skill  is welcome to play in it, the most important rule we have for this is to have fun! The tournament will be held on EU server.

Prize: Honor and Glory! (We may consider a coaching prize in the future)

Stream: www.twitch.tv/proxy_tempest

Channel: Proxy Tempest (EU server), players MUST be in the ingame chat channel to guarantee a smooth tournament. (type /join Proxy Tempest into the chat bar!)

Discord: For any questions, concerns, complaints, or general conversation, please join the Discord server: https://discord.gg/932K6sN

Tournament format

  • All games are Bo3, apart from the finals which are Bo5.

  • Mappool: Honorgrounds LE,  Paladino Terminal LE, Bel'Shir Vestige, Abyssal Reef LE, Proxima Station LE, Newkirk Precinct TE, Cactus Valley LE

  • Maps and map orders are determined by the following rules:

              2 vetoes for each player in Bo3: A B A B with A being the upper player in the bracket

              Then picking the map order starting with player B: B A C

              1 veto for each player in Bo5: A B with A being the upper player in the bracket.

              Then picking the map order starting with player B: B A B A C


  • Have fun!!!

  • If you have been Master or higher in the past three seasons (with the exception of Season 5 2016), you will NOT be allowed to play. The highest rank you are with any race is the rank you will be considered for the tournament. There are no exceptions for "off-racing".
  • You must have played at least 10 ladder games this week to participate. A week is considered the past 7 days.
  • Players races cannot be changed throughout a series. A player may chose to pick another race after a finished series. The desired race MUST be announced clearly to the opponent before a series starts. Random counts as race.

  • Default waiting time is 15 minutes if a match is ready to play, unless both opponents agree on something else. If that is the case, it must be made known to LadyAzylis via /whisper ingame, on Discord or in the stream chat.
  • Default server is the EU server. If both opponents agree to play on a different server, this decision MUST be made known on Discord OR via ingame PM to either LadyAzylis or a tournament admin. You do not have to wait for approval, we just want to know in case we are looking for players.

  • Semi finals and finals are casted, so even if you are ready to play, please wait for the caster(s).

  • Make sure your privacy settings allow others to contact you.

  • Please use Discord or the stream chat to bring up any concerns or questions during the games.

  • Third party software that provides any sort of advantage for the player using it (such as maphacks, production tab hacks and so on) is not allowed. Using that sort of cheat will result in immediate ban from the current event and all future events held by Proxy Tempest.

  • The stream has a delay of 3 minutes to prevent stream cheating, however, players are asked to leave the channel while their matches are casted.

  • Laddering is not allowed while playing in the tournament. If you are caught laddering during the tournament and it causes a delay of a match, you will be disqualified.

It is the discretion of the admins to determine if a player is smurfing. If a player is believed to be smurfing, the admin may remove him/her from the current tournament. If the player is cleared from the accusation, the player may return to play in the following tournament. If it is determined by the staff that the player is smurfing, the player will be temporarily banned from all Proxy Tempest tournaments for 3 months.

General things:

In case you want to help out as a tournament admin or co-caster, please consider contacting LadyAzylis ingame or on Discord.

Final Results

Icon medal first
Icon medal second

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