Bonus Pool NA Qualifier Monthly #2

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In-Game Chat Channel: "Bonus Pool"

Server: Americas

Spawning Tool Bonus Pool Qualifier Rules

  • All players and casters must be in the "Bonus Pool" chat channel before qualifier begins.
  • Open to all players. (no age limit)
  • Double-elimination bracket
  • Map Pool: Current 1v1 map pool.
  • Each qualifier will have it’s own default server.
  • If both players agree, then another server may be used. If another server has been agreed upon, you MUST tell either of the admins the server you will be playing on, and report score after the matches have been played, before the players can continue.
  • Official casters cannot be refused to join games.
  • Admins can hold over games if they are to be casted by the official casting team.
  • Only approved casters my cast this event.
  • Race-switching is allowed between series, but not during. You must disclose your intended race to your opponent/casters/admin upon request before the veto process begins.
  • No inappropriate language, racial remarks, personal verbal attacking or any kind of bad manner behavior will be accepted towards another player, caster or admin. Admins have the right to remove players from the cup at any time if this occurs. Guilty players will also be excluded from future "Bonus Pool" events.
  • If any dispute or issue arises, the admins' decision is final.

Veto Process

  • Until the Ro32, it's Bo1 - ABABAB C, where top seed on the bracket chooses who is A.
  • In the R032 and onward, it's Bo3 - ABAB ABC, where top seed on the bracket chooses who is A.

Prize Pool

  • NA - Top 3 qualify to play in the main event.
  • EU - Top 3 qualify to play in the main event.
  • KR - Top 2 qualify to play in the main event.
  • SEA - Top 2 qualify to play in the main event.
  • Over $400USD for the Top 8 of the main event.

proxytempest.com - spawningtool.com -


冠军: stylelish
有价值对手: NeuroSwarm
下次再说: Matiz


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